The egg has landed! I have been nervously awaiting photographic proof that my first few shipments of pottery arrived safely in one piece. This past week I sent my mother and mother-in-law some pottery for early Mother's Day gifts.

You can see below that they've successfully made it from the west coast to the east coast.


After hoarding tons of crinkle paper, craft paper, and amazon boxes, it was exciting and terrifying to send some of my newest and nicest work into the postal system. While I didn't do a box-in-a-box method, I did thoroughly shake each box to see if the pieces moved inside or hit any walls before taping up. 

The biggest surprise was how it was nearly $15 per piece to ship! And this was standard ground through UPS. While I've been doing some research that there are flat-rate options and certainly services that offer volume discounts on shipping, it seems hard to imagine pricing my work to sell online that would cover shipping, cover materials, pay me for my time, and NOT cost a fortune for customers.

While I'm still far from opening an online shop, this was an exciting milestone to ship pottery successfully. I'm excited for my friends and family on the east coast to be surprised when I ship some gifts home over the coming months. I have a feeling that these "pottery in the home" photos will end up being my favorite thing about my pottery journey.




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